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To Mageriko tis Sevastis – Traditional home cooked food in Zouberi

We have been looking for a restaurant serving traditional Greek style food and we recently found” Mageriko Tis Sevastis.” Run by Sevasti who is the delightful chef behind all the wonderful dishes and her son the charming Kostaninos who takes care of you during your visit.

greek taverna
To Mageriko tis Sevastis | Pic.: Sandra Metaxas

 It was a typical winters day when we visited the restaurant but were made to feel warm and cozy with the open fire and the traditional farmhouse style décor.

Our first course, "Dakos salad" a classic Cretan salad full of tomatoes and feta cheese piled on top of Dakos rusk. There are many variations of this salad and most restaurants adopt their own way of serving it. Sevasti creates her own style with a compact stack of all the great fresh local ingredients. It was accompanied with Bouyourdibaked hot feta with spicy peppers, an absolute cheese lovers delight along with warm bread served in a farmhouse dish.

a dine table by the fire
Table by the fireplace | Pic.: Sandra Metaxas

For our main course we chose Greek Rooster with Parpadella pasta, slowly baked in the oven with wine & cinnamon. Sevasti does this dish beautifully and you can smell the cinnamon and wine when it is delivered to the table.

"Dakos salad" a classic Cretan salad
"Dakos salad" a classic Cretan salad | Pic.: Sandra Metaxas

Along with the rooster we were also treated to another traditional Greek dish "Soutzoukakia" Greek meatballs cooked with cumin and served over Puree, blended mashed potatoes - absolutely delicious! Small carefully folded Cheese and pastirma pies were offered to accompany the main course too. These were light fluffy with melt in your mouth pastry.

The finale for our meal offered with true Greek hospitality was Sevasti’s home made Portokaliopita “Orange Cake”. I love cakes and deserts and I can honestly say this was one of the best orange cakes I have ever tried. Light & fluffy cake with the right amount of orange/sugar syrup so not too sweet. Apparently served with ice cream in the summer so another reason to return again and again.

Keeping the meal in total Greek style we chose Ouzo to say “yamas” and drink to everyones health before we ate.

Sevasti’s home made Portokaliopita “Orange Cake”
Sevasti’s home made Portokaliopita “Orange Cake” | Pic.: Sandra Metaxas

This cozy restaurant is the perfect spot for Greek locals looking to find “Mama’s” home cooking and for travelers wishing to try authentic home cooked food.

During the winter cooler months the open fire and warm décor are a perfect treat for weekday suppers or a special treat during the weekend. With live music playing on Friday evenings it does get really busy so be sure to book your table in advance.

The restaurant is also open during the summer months with an outside terrace and plenty of spece to relax on long summer days. The menu changes to according to the season and in the summer offer lighter salads and freshly cooked stuffed tomatoes.

Along with the warming ambience of the restaurant and the wholesome food we left feeling very satisfied and promising to return soon to try one of our family favorites the famous Greek Moussaka.


Address: Aeroporias & Markou Botsari, Zouberi (Nea Makri) 190 05,

Open everyday (Tuesday closed) 13:00-23:30,

Saturday 13:00-24:00 & Sunday 13:00-22:00.

Telephone: +302294 050280

Written in english by Sandra Metaxas


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