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Give yourself a precious gift - add walking to your everyday life! | the esplanade of Nea Makri

Walking is a pleasant and easy physical activity without any cost. It does not require either special abilities or expensive equipment, it is easily incorporated in our everyday life, it is adjusted according to the intensity and duration by each one and it is especially beneficial for the human body. It is about an exceptional way of exercising, of connection with nature and socialization literally for everyone. In the article that follows, we are going to present the pros of walking as a habit, we are going to mention why it is better to walk outside if it is possible, and we are going to propose a beautiful route that each of us can follow without any struggle in the beautiful municipality of Marathon.

walking to your everyday life!

What can we gain if we walk daily?

Including sports- exercising in our everyday life habits is a crucial necessity for today’s society as the everyday life of the vast majority of modern people go hand in hand with sedentary life and the lack of movement (office work, school life etc). It is scientifically proven that even half an hour of relaxed walking, benefits our body in many ways. More specifically, the regular gait is capable of enhancing blood flow, the cardiopulmonary function and the person’s general physical and psychological state. Walking on daily basis is an easy, pleasant and natural way to strengthen the limbs and the pelvis, to tighten legs and fight cellulite. Moreover, depending on the tension the walking is done we can have satisfactory level of burn of calories and the reduction of body fat. Another important benefit that derives from the previous habit is the good operation of the immune system and the early enough prevention of diseases that affiliate with sedentary life like high blood pressure, obesity etc.

Where should I go for a walk?

If the walker’s paradise was located in Attica, then it would surely be the esplanade of Nea Makri! A beautiful route of about three kilometers (6km. in total), that starts from the picturesque cove of Nea Makri and ends at the lovely Marathon beach. It is a true treasure both for the locals and the town’s visitors, it is appropriate for walking, running, cycling and amble. The esplanade is located in an idyllic landscape, beside the sea away from the central avenue and the cars’ fuss.

Nea Makri esplanade
The wonderful light blue frame is filled in with lovely palm trees, green grass, pines and greenery – Nea Makri esplanade| Photograph: Christos Maletsikas

The path is flat and fordable for everyone. On the road to Marathon the visitor will meet peaceful beaches with bright blue water, straw umbrellas and good organization, an exotic scenery that does not echo the rest of Attica. At the cornice there are large benches, taverns and cafeterias where anyone can rest and enjoy a beverage or their meal.

 Nea Makri esplanade
Nea Makri esplanade | Photography: Christos Maletsikas

En route you will meet a great beach and the Bexiza wetland, you can travel into history while visiting the archaeological area of the Temple of the Egyptian gods (it is located beside the esplanade), you will pass by the light blue and white little chapel of Saint Kyriaki, the “Golden coast” hotel and various beach bars. This specific path is an accessible break for physical and psychological wellness for everyone and it is one of the best choices for a walk and amble in Eastern Attica.

Why should I choose the countryside?

In Greece, especially in Attica, the weather is often an ally of the walkers. The connection with nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the town is a true gift for each one of us. When we walk outside, the walk near the green and the light blue is a natural antidepressant, our mind gets cleared, stress, anger and disappointment get reduced, psychological well-being is caused and creativity is encouraged. No matter how hard someone is working, no matter what bothers them, a small getaway to nature will make them feel better.

Nea Makri esplanade
It is not accidental that many artists get inspired after a walk in nature! – Nea Makri esplanade| Photography: Christos Maletsikas

Walking outdoors, sunlight, the fresh air, the sea breeze and the wonderful natural landscape reduce both melancholy and depression that is often caused by the contemporary way of life. Furthermore, when walking in the countryside individuals are often more cheerful, socialize more easily and wonderful friendships are created.


For someone to get involved in walking, they do not need special equipment, they need to wear loose, preferably sports clothes and a pair of good trainers for the prevention of small injuries. Do not forget to get dressed according to the weather and to bring water with you!

On a Saturday afternoon for the purposes of this report, we walked across the Nea Makri esplanade. We traversed 6 km in total of 1 hour and 15 minutes (we made a stop for hot chocolate on the go!) and each one of us burnt 300 calories!

πεζόδρομος νέας μάκρης

Kostas Daveronas

Trainer (University of Physical Education and Sports Alumnus)

Translator: Konstantina Pollali


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