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Siama Mati - New entry: Fine-dining spot in Mati area!

Imagine sitting and gazing at the unobstructed, serene view from high up on a cliff, with the sea sloshing like a song at its foot. And there you are, enjoying refreshing drinks, delicious

dishes and tantalizing desserts. A taste of island vibes without even getting on a boat. You’ve just hit a brand-new all-day spot that’s going to be your next favorite go-to destination. Siama Mati it is!

Burger at Siama
Burger at Siama

The scenery

The very location will work its magic – classic Greek beauty of nature all around, with sheer rocks and the amazing blueness of the background. Out with all your worries and concerns, in with laid-back atmosphere and rest, listening to the rhythmic echoes of the waves below. Relaxation and a sea breeze to whet your appetite!

Kantaifi with feta cheese and honey in a rocket nest at Siama
Kantaifi with feta cheese and honey in a rocket nest at Siama

The Dishes

Well, you’re spoilt for choice. Everything is made with great attention to detail

and it’s bound to captivate you with taste and presentation alike. We kicked off with a mixed quinoa-based salad, super grainy and crispy to the tooth, complemented with salmon and

avocado. As far as appetizers go, the divine kantaifi with feta cheeses and honey in a rocket nest is not to be missed. We also tried the sea bass ceviche – a real feast for your eyes. Too pretty to eat, but its mind-blowing taste was simply irresistible. From the starters, we also singled out the carpaccio (and a generous quantity too: it you’re a fan, it’s a treat), as well as the mini burgers with the truffle mayonnaise topping. On to the main course, for lovers of the Italian cuisine, a carbonara -with the traditional guanciale- or the summerier shrimp linguine is a must. However, if you know your high-quality meat, the ribeye is a whole different level: perfectly cooked and juicy, served with velvety truffle puree on the side. For dessert, I’ve saved you all the best: three different flavors of cannoli and magical chocolate mousse ice cream with roasted hazelnuts. Top!

Siama restaurant at Mati

The drinks

We ordered welcome drinks before the meal – a bellini giving off mesmerizing

peachy notes and a cool blueberry mint spritz in an alluring deep red. When it comes to

cocktails, you can choose one of the interesting options listed or you can trust the bartender

to create something tailored to your preferences. If, on the other hand, you’d much rather

have wine, the extensive wine list presents numerous domestic and international varieties of

white, rosé or red wine.

Ice-cream at Siama
Ice-cream at Siama

The service: Most polite, smiling and pleasant staff – they’re going to pamper you, help you

choose and make sure you have an unforgettable experience!

 Siama Restaurant

Bonus: Sophisticated music tracks by the house DJ contribute to the ambience as the background for coffee, brunch, meal or drinks.

What we think: If indeed you’re looking for an oasis of seaside tranquility where you can savor mouth-watering gastro-creations with a unique view and leave like a whole new person, Siama Mati is expecting you from early in the morning till late at night. What are you waiting for?

Xenia Mavrommati


Photography: Snapium Photography


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